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chess_forum tourney results, part 3: reflaxion vs. slloyd11

Or: Why It's Better to Know What You're Doing When You Play Chess

Really, slloyd should be making this post, but eh.

reflaxion 0-1 chessface

I have one comment on this game: I want to pretend it never happened. I CAN'T HEAR YOU LA LA LA LA

Seriously. I thought I saw a swift attack by following 13. Qa4 with 14. Ba5, but the c6 knight ruined it. I didn't notice that 13. ... Bg4 connected the rooks (in part because it had been so long between moves), and I was so disgusted with the game that I resigned immediately after losing the knight.

chessface 1-0 reflaxion

This one was a bit less embarrassing for me. White established an early outpost on e5 and I spent much of the early game trying to rid myself of his attackers and open some space for myself.

Looking back, I wish very badly that I had played 18. ... Qd6. NO I DON'T 18. ... Rf4 was my first big mistake, and it cost me a pawn that I was never able to get back.

24. ... dxc4: The fact that this didn't blow up in my face was more dumb luck than careful calculation. I knew I wouldn't win the pawn - I was just opening up space to force my opponent to keep the back rank defended or waste a turn opening it.
27. Rd7+: I had expected Ng5+. I thought I had lost the game right then and there until I realized I could meet Ng5+ with Ke8. In retrospect, Rd7+ seemed milder to me, until the next few moves. White's knights were a huge hindrance to me all game.
30. ... Bd5: Trying to lock up White's queenside. It didn't work.
35. Nd1: I thought this was simply to protect from the queenside rush I was setting up. I was wrong.
36. ... Kf6: This move threw away any hope I had of winning. I had carefully considered whether I wanted to try to swap queenside pawns for kingside pawns or to use my opposition to keep White's king out of my area. I decided to go for the kingside pawns. I hadn't even considered the knight.
38. Ne3+: A great move, again using the knight to haunt me. I knew I lost the game at this point. I couldn't stop White's queenside sweep and I couldn't penetrate the kingside.
39. ... g5: Should have been Bd7. I realized it as soon as I moved it that I messed up. It was my last chance to push through one of my queenside pawns.
41. h4+: Again, the stupid knight kept me from doing anything but running away.
45. ... Bg4: Locking the kingside pawns. It was a matter of when I would lose at this point, but I wanted to make my opponent earn it.
48. Bf3: A necessary move, but in the end, worthless.
50. ... Kc3: I should have played Be4. Instead, I kept my king from the critical c4 square. Any hope I had of ekeing out a draw was lost here.
52. Kc7: And I can no longer stop the pawn. Game over.
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